Kickin’ It Old-School

I’ve suddenly morphed into Will Farrell in Old School. I had a friend ask me if I was going to watch any of the games on Sunday and I replied “Nope, me and the Wifezilla are going to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond to look for Curtain Rods and those little Curtain tie back thingy’s”. Ugghh.   For 32 Years I’ve had one pillow in my bed, I’ve gotten married and added an extra person to the bed but now somehow the bed now needs 5 pillows.  I don’t understand it, just like I don’t understand how the hell Norv “Insert Nickname Here” Turner won a  playoff game.  Then I realized the Titans started Vince Young.   And VY (ß that’s what the hip kids do while blogging, they acronym up everything) has a bad case of MV (that’s Michael Vick) disease.  No, he’s not addicted to dog fighting and he doesn’t have a thing for prison Uni’s.  Vince Young is a great athlete but horrible quarterback.  Here are just some of the QB’s who had a better QB rating then Young’s (71.1): You have Kyle Boller (75.2), Brian Griese (75.6 This is a guy that lost a starting job to friggen Rex Grossman) and Joey Harrington (77.2).  Do you want any of those three guys playing for your football team?  Nope, didn’t think so.  And VY is worse then all of them.

Now for all the Iggles fans out there who cried that they needed Jeff Garcia he wound up 23-39 for 207 yds, 1 TD and , 2 INT.  Hmm not very impressive playoff numbers.  And he’s 2-4 in the playoffs.   Doesn’t sound like someone who is destined to take you to the promised land.  Just saying.

The Only game I had a chance to watch was the end of the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game.  Including the 32 yard draw play at the end of the game.  It was nice play selection to use for a  team this is going for it on 4th down that late in the game with  no time outs.  For some reason it has become difficult in the NFL to run for anything over 1 yard so anything over a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 becomes a passing down and the defenses know that.  The defense is defending the sidelines to keep  the clock moving and that leaves the middle open.. So why not drop back like your going to pass and let your QB pick up the two yards.

Oh and in case you missed is.  Washington lost  to Seattle.  I take it no one is surpised that Collins, the QB of Washington (Yea I don’t who he is either) wasn’t able to win a playoff game. This is the guy who went 10 years between starts.  That means for 10 years coaches have been saying “Nah, we’re going to start the other guy”.  And people thought he was going to lead the Redskins to the promise land.   Here’ a Gambling tip for everyone (if you know Gambling was legal).  In the playoffs, never ever back a crappy QB playing on the road (See also Vince Younge)


Teh Funniest

Not for kids or if there are kids around:

Merry Christmas you neo-yuppie scumbags!

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone. New Stat’s and Standings are up and about for you all to look at. As a proud Iggles fan i’m glad to see the Birds win a meaningless December Game. Win one more game and the Iggles go 8-8 for the year and end on a nice three game winning streak. Which means things are already looking up for 2008. Donovan’s getting a little more healthy. In the last few games he’s avoided being pulled down and made some plays with his feet. And if he avoids getting injured next year (And if I manage to win the Lottery that I don’t play) we should be fine for next year.

(* Side Note* I was deep in enemy territory to watch the game on Sunday. At the in-laws, surrounded by Jets and Giants fans, otherwise they are decent people. And I heard a new name for Mcnabb – Mcslabb. Probably would have been funnier if didn’t come form boorish NY fans.)

In another non-shocker the Evil Patriots barely edged out the Dolphins to go 15-0 and the Giants wrapped up the #1 wild card (a.ka. the 4th seed for those of you who drank a little too much eggnog) making the Giants Patriots game another “who cares” is playing on the NFL network. Until the NFL network starts holding playoff games, they won’t get the public clamoring from the people demanding the Cable networks put their crappy channel on basic cable for free. All though I am going to ask Santa for the Patriots to loose in the Divisional round of the playoffs. That would be teh awesomest!

Anyway I have to run to the in-laws so Have a Merry Christmas and if you have a few extra bucks left after all the christmas shopping take the time and donate some money to a worthy charity to help out some folks who are less fortunate then you.

The Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
The Salvation Army

And no i do not have any kids yet, that’s why I’m able to type this on Christmas day. 😉

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

College Bowl Season!!!  Is upon us where we can see such great games as the International Bowl and the  GMAC\Wheeties\.COM bowl.  Yay!!!   You can get your football fix on for everyday from now till January 1st.  32 bowl games means that 32 teams will end there season on a winning note and 32 booster clubs will be happy.  Unlike the NFL where just one team ends on a winning note.  And this year like the last 40 years will end on a sour note for Iggles fan.  For other possible fun pools would anybody be intereted in a college football bowl pool for next year.  Discuss

New standings posted

The new standings are up for those of you that wish to view them.  And man is baltimore ever bad.  How do you loose to the stinking Dolphins.  Ouch.

Hope to see some highlights like this today.

Anything to beat the hated Cowpokes.

UPDATE:  I’m sure you’ll never see B-West falling down at the one yard line on any highlight reals, but it really does show what an unselfish, team before me, player he is.

I’m so angry I could Spit!!

Cincinnati at San Francisco on the NFL network tonight. Sorry NFL network I’m just not that angry about missing this game tonight. Especially at what you want to charge me.

The NFL wants to charge $7 to $9 per household per year for the NFL Network on basic, a fee the carriers strongly resist. This price would make the NFL Network, a seasonal product for a specialized audience, one of the most expensive items in the national cable universe. ESPN, which is to cable what cheeseburgers are to McDonald’s, charges $30 to $35 per year for multiple channels with very broad appeal. CNN charges about $5 a year to the cable carriers, NBA TV about $4, and most cable channels charge far less or nothing at all. (The ones that charge nothing subsist on advertising.) Cable carriers want the NFL Network exiled to a premium sports tier so they will meet less resistance passing the price along to consumers, but that means a far smaller audience for NFLN, and hence lower ad revenues.

Your one good game of the year just isn’t worth the extra cost to get the sports package from Comcast. Man do i miss DirecTV.

UPDATE: San Fran 20 – Cincy 13. Unless you are in your fantasy football league playoffs or bet on this game , then i must ask, who cares? If you did bet on this game and you’re not from the Bay Area or Ohio I would advise you to call 1-800-Gambler right now for help. You need it!