Super Climatic Finishes

Down goes Frasier!!!! Down goes Frasier!!!!

Congratulations to all you smug Patriot fans out there.  It’s nice to see Goliath get taken down by the lowly David.   As an Iggles fan I thought I would be torn.  I mean I hate the F’n G-man and all of there fans (Except the wife,  and if you are reading this now hun,  I’m sorry and please don’t make me stay at Motel Couch tonight).   But i needed to see the New England Cheatriots lose.  It was the whole story line the NFL and media was trying to construct.  The Best Team ever,  History in the making,  What else can we say to boost the ratings!?.  It was like somebody trying to construct one of those god awful Reality TV shows that make me throw up in my mouth whenever the wife watches one.

In related news, NFL films this season has miles of tape from on the Patriots for the 2008 NFL season preveiw called “The Greatest Team Ever” “Loosing the big Game”.

Not that I listen to alot of sports radio, but Hugh Douglas (God rest is afro) was even saying, “What happened to the Patriots Vaunted Halftime adjustments?”  I guess its kind of tough to make those halftime adjustmens without all the ingame vidio help they’ve had in the past.  Any way enough Snark for now.

I didn’t bother to update the football standings because nobody, and i mean nobody picked the G-man.  45 Entry’s and not one of us thought the G-men were even going to make the stinking playoffs.  Which reminds me of an old saying “You can fool some of the people all the time and pass the beer nuts”.  Not sure why it reminded me of it but it does.

Now onto my favorite part of the season.  The Cash handouts:

1st place:  Chad Moore = 900 (Fazoons to be sent to his wife Stefanie via mail today)

2nd place (Tie) : Pat Burke = 210 beans (handed over in cheque form)

2nd Place (Tie) : Steve Shimko (the elder) = 210 pesos (via mail today)

34 place : Terry Lentini = $30 randsom to be delivered to her husband.

Thanks all for playing this year.  Congrats to the winners, and come back next year and bring some more friends.   Hopefully by then I can upgrade the site a little more to make it a little more “Fan”tastic friendly.



  1. She does not like the the Pats??!! AAAAAGGGGHHHHH.

  2. Man if it wasn’t for family this football blog would totally suck!

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