The promised Clip

Brady has teh Gay!

stolen from the boys and girls at Sadly No!


Anti-Climatic Finishes

Not to let the cat out of the bag but it doesn’t look like the Superbowl is going to mean much pool wise this year. Seeing on how the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place is pretty much locked up because no body picked the Giants. That’s right every single one of us thought the Giants weren’t worth the the $3.50. People took teams such as the Saints, Eagles, Ravens, Rams, Texans, and Cardinals. Ok so those were the mistakes that i made this year, your mistakes may vary. (unless you are Chad, Pat, or Scott who didn’t make many mistakes at all this year). However still up for grabs is the coveted 34th place. If the Giants win then Terry gets her money back and if the NE wins then Derrick Heauscher gets his back.

I’m behind a firewall right now but when i get home i’ll have the perfect clip for Tom Brady and his (com)Patriots. Ugghh I’m really sick of these guys. I’m kind of glad NY beat GB. They played the Pats tough in the last game of the regular season. I believe they were up by a couple scores in the 3rd quarted and wound up losing by 3 points. I would love to see the Pats loose and see many questionable calls go against them just to see Bill Simmons head explode over at ESPN Page 2.

A Manning advances to the Championship Game

Too bad nobody thought it would be Eli. But the best thing about the Cowpokes lost is this display of hilarity by T.O. Get your popcorn ready for this clip:

Pah-pah please! “He’s my teamate, He my Quarterback!” Sounds like somebody left the stadium in a Waaaaaambulance!

Will the Chargers beat the Patriots?  With My Main Man Norv ” Dont call be Coach” Turner  manning the Helm of the Mighty San Diego anything is possible.  The bolts have won 8 in a row and 12 of the last 14.  (Please Ignore The coach is Killing me website previously mentioned by me)  Remember I’m  the idiot who’s almost in last place.  I’m looking at you Peterson to keep propping be up.

Well we are down to 4 teams, 3 games and 8 possible finishes.  I’m sure you are all capable of doing the math to figure out where you might finish, and I’ll leave you to it.  Next week I’ll promise to have everything up by Monday.

Kickin’ It Old-School

I’ve suddenly morphed into Will Farrell in Old School. I had a friend ask me if I was going to watch any of the games on Sunday and I replied “Nope, me and the Wifezilla are going to Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond to look for Curtain Rods and those little Curtain tie back thingy’s”. Ugghh.   For 32 Years I’ve had one pillow in my bed, I’ve gotten married and added an extra person to the bed but now somehow the bed now needs 5 pillows.  I don’t understand it, just like I don’t understand how the hell Norv “Insert Nickname Here” Turner won a  playoff game.  Then I realized the Titans started Vince Young.   And VY (ß that’s what the hip kids do while blogging, they acronym up everything) has a bad case of MV (that’s Michael Vick) disease.  No, he’s not addicted to dog fighting and he doesn’t have a thing for prison Uni’s.  Vince Young is a great athlete but horrible quarterback.  Here are just some of the QB’s who had a better QB rating then Young’s (71.1): You have Kyle Boller (75.2), Brian Griese (75.6 This is a guy that lost a starting job to friggen Rex Grossman) and Joey Harrington (77.2).  Do you want any of those three guys playing for your football team?  Nope, didn’t think so.  And VY is worse then all of them.

Now for all the Iggles fans out there who cried that they needed Jeff Garcia he wound up 23-39 for 207 yds, 1 TD and , 2 INT.  Hmm not very impressive playoff numbers.  And he’s 2-4 in the playoffs.   Doesn’t sound like someone who is destined to take you to the promised land.  Just saying.

The Only game I had a chance to watch was the end of the Pittsburgh-Jacksonville game.  Including the 32 yard draw play at the end of the game.  It was nice play selection to use for a  team this is going for it on 4th down that late in the game with  no time outs.  For some reason it has become difficult in the NFL to run for anything over 1 yard so anything over a 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1 becomes a passing down and the defenses know that.  The defense is defending the sidelines to keep  the clock moving and that leaves the middle open.. So why not drop back like your going to pass and let your QB pick up the two yards.

Oh and in case you missed is.  Washington lost  to Seattle.  I take it no one is surpised that Collins, the QB of Washington (Yea I don’t who he is either) wasn’t able to win a playoff game. This is the guy who went 10 years between starts.  That means for 10 years coaches have been saying “Nah, we’re going to start the other guy”.  And people thought he was going to lead the Redskins to the promise land.   Here’ a Gambling tip for everyone (if you know Gambling was legal).  In the playoffs, never ever back a crappy QB playing on the road (See also Vince Younge)