The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!!

College Bowl Season!!!  Is upon us where we can see such great games as the International Bowl and the  GMAC\Wheeties\.COM bowl.  Yay!!!   You can get your football fix on for everyday from now till January 1st.  32 bowl games means that 32 teams will end there season on a winning note and 32 booster clubs will be happy.  Unlike the NFL where just one team ends on a winning note.  And this year like the last 40 years will end on a sour note for Iggles fan.  For other possible fun pools would anybody be intereted in a college football bowl pool for next year.  Discuss



  1. hi…Matt wanted a comment. So I commented. And I think YOU should comment too. okay? okay…


  2. shheesh. How embarrassing.

  3. I just saw Matt walking the dog and he told me I needed to add something to the blog. So here it is…Dear Santa, For Christmas I want the Eagles to win for a second week in a row. I know it’s like asking for World Peace or ending starvation but that’s really all I want.

  4. whoaaa 4 comments! they’re really starting to accumulate =]

  5. Let me call my bookie. I’ll take World Peace -7.5 over Ending Starvation

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