I’m so angry I could Spit!!

Cincinnati at San Francisco on the NFL network tonight. Sorry NFL network I’m just not that angry about missing this game tonight. Especially at what you want to charge me.

The NFL wants to charge $7 to $9 per household per year for the NFL Network on basic, a fee the carriers strongly resist. This price would make the NFL Network, a seasonal product for a specialized audience, one of the most expensive items in the national cable universe. ESPN, which is to cable what cheeseburgers are to McDonald’s, charges $30 to $35 per year for multiple channels with very broad appeal. CNN charges about $5 a year to the cable carriers, NBA TV about $4, and most cable channels charge far less or nothing at all. (The ones that charge nothing subsist on advertising.) Cable carriers want the NFL Network exiled to a premium sports tier so they will meet less resistance passing the price along to consumers, but that means a far smaller audience for NFLN, and hence lower ad revenues.

Your one good game of the year just isn’t worth the extra cost to get the sports package from Comcast. Man do i miss DirecTV.

UPDATE: San Fran 20 – Cincy 13. Unless you are in your fantasy football league playoffs or bet on this game , then i must ask, who cares? If you did bet on this game and you’re not from the Bay Area or Ohio I would advise you to call 1-800-Gambler right now for help. You need it!


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